Sunday, May 21, 2006

All grown up and moving out

Tomatoes outsideTime has come to move the tomatoes out into the real world! I've transplanted 4 of my tomatoes to my outside self watering containers (2 plants per container). I kind of lost track of which ones are which when I transplanted them the first time, but I'm hoping I got at least one of each variety. I've given away a few to my family, but still have plenty left. This weekend I planted the tallest ones as they were beginning to hit the grow lamp. When I planted, I buried them up to their second set of leaves. Otherwise, I think they would've been too tall and spindly to withstand any winds. We've had some fairly strong breezes, but they've seemed to have faired overnight well. I don't have any supports for them yet, but we'll get to that maybe next weekend.
I've also ordered a self watering raised bed from Gardener's so hopefully that will arrive by next weekend and I can plant my peppers and maybe even some beans.
Still contemplating on what to do with the old dog run. We may windup growing pumpkins just so it doesn't look so weed infested. That'll be a good project for the upcoming 3 day weekend!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lovely Dahlias

I love to have colorful flowers around me so I bought and planted some bright and beautiful Dahlias in my containers last weekend. I got 6 red and 1 yellow. The yellow was a bit more mature with flowers already bloomed, but the reds were still just buds. We've had mostly cloudy and rainy weather so they haven't gotten much sun, but the red ones are finally starting to open up. I'm very excited to see them all in full bloom at the same time!

Here is an update on the re-potting of my tomatoes. I guess it was a success for the most part. I only lost two plants for sure. They are still on the skinny side, but they seem healthy and they are producing foliage so that seems like a good sign. I went ahead and planted seeds for the two that I lost, but I don't know if they will make it in time for the growing season.